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We converted to a vegan, plant based whole foods diet in 2006, and have gathered factual, interesting documents to help those who don't know or understand the health benefits of a plant based diet. The following documents emphasize less widely-known and often-ignored facts about health and diet, especially in the United States, facts that we believe if people were aware of, the epidemics of obesity, cancer, and heart disease would not be epidemics or problems in this country. They are caused by diet and can be cured by diet, I know, who new.

Information on Trikkes, and related ramblings

E-Cigs Page
Basic information on why if you smoke you should be smoking e-cigs.

An article I came across on Google News recently.

Why we are Vegan
Basic explanation of Vegan, and why we have chosen to be vegan.

Interviews with T. Colin Campball

Here are some audio interviews with T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. co-author of China Study. These were conducted in 2005 by health educator Sylvester Johnson (Ph.D. Applied Physics). Know a skeptic about the benefits of plant-based foods? The first interview covers research about food's impact on cancer...

Humans are Herbivores
Comparative, scientific, biological reasons, why are are actually Herbivores, not Omnivores or Carnivores.

Medical Quotes
Less common known medical facts or quotes that should influence how we think about food, and what we eat.

2 Good Reasons why everyone should be Vegan
If I were to classify all the really important reasons why we are vegan into as few reasons as possible, I could clump most everything into two categories.

Religious quotes on food and health.

Email to Family and Friends
The email we sent out to our family and friends explaining why our new diet change, and providing lots of links and references. In an attempt to help understanding and open up communication.

I was reading a magazine that had 222 top reasons to be vegan, some were really humorous, some were very good points, some were silly, etc. I've posted my favorites ones here, as well as some from our family.

Resources & Links
Here are some informative and useful links and resources

Our Vegan Cookbook Library (coming soon)
Here are "all" the cookbooks and websites we use to prepare meals. If you want to cook vegan then you "need" some (meaning more then one) cookbooks that specialize in vegan. So you can easily make food that is healthy beautiful and delicouse. Isn't that why you are vegan to begin with? (Side note: When we say "books we use to prepare meals" we mean April and our daughters. Jared has made a few things here and there, but is mostly an idiot about cooking (said in a very kind and loving way)). This is updated with each new addition.

Book Reviews
(coming soon)
We have reviewed a few books here we consider important life changing books. Why? Well that is very simple, we believe that if you were to read these books and apply their simple principals, your life and health would change drastically. We just want to share that with any who are interested in hearing it.

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