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2 Reasons

If I were to classify all the really important reasons why we are vegan into as few reasons as possible, I could clump most everything into two categories. Unfortunatly they have the same name, however it fits, and I am open to changing it...

Reason #1. Poison.
    I don't know of a better word to describe all the pesticides, hormones, and other dangours chemicals in todays meant and dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) products. Meat and dairy have 10 times the amount of pesticides as produce. And with produce a simple rinsing will clean up to 92% of them off. That means that meat has over 200 times the pesticides as produce, and it is not possible to "rinse" the chemicals off. These chemicals are designed to harm and even kill biological organisms (that includes humans), so the lower the exposure the better. Hormones, antibiotics and other dangerous chemicals are injected into cows, chickens, etc. at incredible rates and doses. Far above what is safe to be exposed to during the process, that turns almost all animal products (milk, cheese, meat, chicken, etc.) literally into poison. Since all those hormones, antibiotics and other dangerous chemicals are in the animal products that "you" consume. It's poison, there really is no other word for it.

Reason #2. Poison (yes again, only completely different)
    Setup:  Let's pretend that animals were not injected with hormones, antibiotics, drugs, and fed and exposed to insanely high levels of pesticides. Let's also pretend that the process of "processing" animals was clean, sanitary, and had health in mind. I know that is not even close to a reality (especially in the United States), however for reason #2 to have it's own validity, it would be nice if we could pretend that animal products were not poisonous contaminates that will kill us.
    Reason: Okay, believe it or not humans are herbivores! That is not my opinion, wish or guess, we are not carnivores or omnivores. We are designed, by God or evolution depending on your view, exactly (not just similar) the same as all the  herbivores on the planet. This is fact, to save time I will let you research that on your own if you do not believe me. With hours of detailed research, I can tell you the only attribute we (humans) have in common with carnivores & omnivores is diet. And that is why eating meat and dairy "will cause" cancer, tomors, heart desias, ostioprosses, diabites, alzhimers, and the host of other "diseases" plagging our modern culture. If you eliminate all meat and dairy from your diet, and you have any of these diseases, you will be cured, not just helped. Because if you stop eating poison, your body will heal itself.

Okay, that's it, my two reasons. Short and blunt, and completely factual even though they may go against your beliefs, keep in mind that belief and tradition and habit, and popular or even common, has absolutly nothing to do with fact. If you eat any amount of meat and dairy of any type from any country (organic or loaded) you are indeed eating poison. Stop it. My goodness you are going to kill yourself.