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222 reasons

In the March 2008 edition of Veg News magazine (pages 50-51), they had asked their readers for reasons they love being vegan. Here are some of our favorite excerpts along with comments, and then a list from our family. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

1. Feeling super peppy, all the time
4. Lowered chances of contracting animal-borne diseases.
13. Not eating the bodies of tortured souls.
14. Helping put an end to global famine.
Many people do not realize that if we raised food instead of animals and live stock in this country (United States) alone we could have a 6 month surplus of food for every man, woman and child in the world. So literrally there would no longer be a shortage of food on the planet. This is due to the land and food it takes to raise just one animal, could instead feed more then 50 people if it was used instead to grow food.
16. A lower rate of sexual impotence.
20. Having clean arteries that aren't clogged with dead-animal goo.
23. Looking good and feeling great!
The difference in energy, and overall health is night and day.
27. Staying healthy when traveling to third0world countries.
28. Greater spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical strength. More difference then I imagined.
29. Not contributing as much to global warming as meat eaters. Raising animals to eat, produces insane amounts of greenhouse gases.
30. Being the change that I want to see in the world.
31. Setting a good example for younger generations.
37. Saving an average of 200 animals a year just by not eating them. So as a family we are saving an average of 900 animals a year!
40. Vegan guys are hot! That was one of my daughter that liked that comment, hmmm..
41. No dead bodies in my refrigerator. Life without dead carcases is very refreshing.
44. Mexican, Ethiopian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese Food.
46. Cooking is easier and more fun.
51. Eating food that's less prone to incubating bacteria.
58. Belonging to a higher-IQ demographic.
66. The 3-to-1 ratio of female to male vegetarian/vegan's. In our house it's a 6-to-1 ratio! I think it has to do with the IQ, most guys just aren't there.
67. A lowered risk of osteoporosis.
70. Being leaner then most omnivores.
I went back and looked at pictures of use before being vegan, and although we were never an overweight family, there is a healthy difference now, and that's without even trying.
72. Lower amounts of pesticides, PCBs, and other chemicals in vegetarian/vegan's breastmilk.
73. One needn't be an Einstein to choose vegetarianism/veganism (although Einstein was veg).
74. Being consistent. (claim to love animals? Prove it!).
I personally am not an animal lover, my girls think I hate animals, that's not true either. But I do find it contradictory when people say they love animals then eat animals at dinner and feed animals to their cats and dogs in the food.
78. Better skin and fewer zits.
80. Cheaper groceries.
We went from $385/month to 160/month on groceries for our family of 6
83. Reducing the risk of acquiring man chronic diseases.
84. Being veg is intellectual! (Thoreau, Gandhi and many thinkers were pro-veg)
87. Indulging guiltlessly in rich, delicious vegan desserts. And knowing I can have extra helpings without health problems.
88. Eating fewer trans fatty foods, without even having to think about it.
89. Not enslaving animals just to eat them.
100. Not feeling like crap all the time.
102. Cooking for and eating with friends.
110. Not inadvertently funding a corrupt agribusiness billionaire's vacation home.
113. Eating whatever I want, within reason, and not gaining tons of weight.
123. Not getting queasy when thinking about where food comes from.
140. Having the most unique and exciting cookbook collection ever.
142. Eating healthfully by default.
143. Getting to lick the batter off the electric cookie beater without fear of salmonella.
145. Feeling squeaky clean inside.
147. Saying goodbye to diabetes.
151. Knowing that vegan cupcakes will take over the world. Inside joke, see this cookbook.
152. More energy and stamina (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
154. Sharing all the great reasons for going veg with others.
156. Supporting the nation's fruit and vegetable farmers.
161. Helping in the fight against violence.
162. Getting to wear size 6 jeans.
177. A cleaner colon.
189. Greater mental clarity.
190. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
192. Indian dosas, Thai curries, Ethiopian platters, and Middle Eastern mezzes.
203. Not creating arbitrary distinctions between animals.
204. Vegenaise! And all the other fun, creative and delicious veganized items, dishes, and foods!

Some Reasons from our family (coming soon)

No bad cow diseas - Jaedyn (5 yr)
No Meat - Kaia (4 yr)
Makes me thin - Taylor (14 yr)
Meals are easy to cook - Taylor
More energy - Taylor
The most delicious food in the world, and has me always feeling great - Jared (Dad)