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Electronic Cigarettes

I know, I know, why is there a page dedicated to electronic cigarettes on my "Health Site." That's simple, they are much healthier for smokers and 100% healthier for everyone else that is around smokers (significant other, children, friends, etc). They cost substantially less, have no ash, tar, and other junk which help regular cigarettes diminish your lungs and make you short of breath. Yes, if you smoke e-cigs, you will no longer be short of breath, cool huh?

Overall the benefits of electronic cigs vs. regular cigs are:
  • Same great drag (high) hit that you know and love (can even be stronger or weaker if desired)
  • No smoke smell or discoloration (on clothes, teeth, furniture, house, car, etc.)
  • Can smoke anywhere (bus, car, work, plane, restaurant)
  • No ash, tar, and other junk from regular cigs.
  • Lungs and insides become "healthier" by a significant amount so no more short of breath, early fatigue, no more low/weak immune system, etc.
  • 30 day money back guarantee (actually works)
  • Save between $1,500 to $4,000 per year
  • Negatives
    • They use batteries
    • Something new to learn
    • They don't work on dead batteries
    • They are "different" then regular cigs
I was fascinated with electronic cigs when I first heard of them. So I researched them out of interest, and ended up spending a few hours reading about them. The top two brands are Green Smoke & Blue Smoke. So everything below is concerning them. I originally thought that Green Smoke was more expensive, however it turns out it is less expensive by far. So it is the best rated, top quality brand, less expensive then Blue, and has the best mechanism for their e-cigs (2 piece system instead of 3 piece system).

Below are my notes which are a summary of my information on e-cigs. Also, the best site I found with review, and lots and lots of user review is: 

Let me know if you have any questions, this is basically all my information, I'm excited to see what your friend thinks.


Green smoke vs. Blue Smoke

  • Starter Kits:
    • Green = $139.00
      • 2 batteries
      • usb chargers
      • manual
      • 5 cartridges (=10 packs of cigs)
    • Blue   =    $59.95
      • pack case / charger
      • 2 batteries
      • 2 atomizers
      • usb charger
      • 25 cartridges (=12.5 packs of cigs)
  • Cartridge prices
    • Green
      • 5 pack = $14.75 (=10 pack of cigs)
      • 20 pack = $55 (=40 pack of cigs)
      • 40 pack = $104 (=80 pack of cigs)
    • Blue (still need to buy atomizers)
      • 25 pack = $25 (=12.5 pack of cigs)
      • 50 pack = $45 (=25 pack of cigs)
      • 100 pack = $80 (=50 pack of cigs)
  • Cartridge to puffs to cigs conversions
    • average puff per cig = 10
    • 20 cigs per pack (=200 puffs per pack)
    • Blue cartridge = 100 puffs = 1/2 pack
    • Green cartridge = 400 puffs = 2 packs = 4 blue's

Notes from reviews I found useful information:
  • Use coupon code disc10-4528 for 10% off!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Regularler light smokers are never happy with the 4mg e-cigs, I think they should use higher rated ones
  • Reviews say not even close to 1.5-2pack per cartridge
  • All reviewers who have tried multiple e-cigs, love green teh most, has the most vapor, most flavor and longest batteries
  • I did alot of research on e-cigs and I just wanted to let everyone know a few things I’ve have found. Greensmoke’s two part system is definately at the top of the list in all respects except two.
    • 1. I recommend that everybody buy an additional long battery and between the two you will get a full day of vaping and can save the short one for the evening and going out etc. None of the various company’s (like Blu-cig etc) last for a full day of smoking.
    • 2. The cartomizer cartriges that you order,5 for $15 do not last for the amount of normal cigs as they say. I’ve found that each one is fairly consistantly good for no more than 5 reg. cigs.
    • So here’s the solution. “Johnson Creek Smoke Juice”, an American company using pharmaceutical grade ingredients makes tasty,tasty flavours that you use the included dropper to refill the cartriges when they’re spent.
      • Half a dropper in the rubber tip and the cartridge smokes way better than the new chinese cartriges that you order from green smoke.
      • Save your cartriges and refill them (about 5 refills each).
      • Each $9.00 bottle of smoke juice will fill about 25 cartriges. a savings of 500%. over the e-cig brands cartriges.
      • I now have the cost efficiency I was looking for and a way better tasting and full vapored smoke.
If you try some e-cigs out, I am very interested in what you think, and what your experience over all is with them. You can email me at (intentionally not a link).